New School of Natural Building in Attainable Sustainable #Todmorden

Straw Works, the leading UK company for strawbale building and design,  has launched the School of Natural Building (SNaB) in Todmorden following an increase in demand for their training courses.

Natural materials include strawbales, timber, lime, clay, hemp, sheepswool, woodfibre board, brick, stone and other materials.  Many are plant based materials, usually low-embodied energy because they are not very processed and often available locally. Continue reading

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Warm in Winter, Cool Forever – New Straw Works building courses!

Straw Works, a Todmorden company run by award winning strawbale builder Barbara Jones, is running a new series of courses in Todmorden over the winter.

Barbara Jones at Incredible Edible Mytholm's Field Day in March

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Straw Works at Growing Futures Field Day

Myra James, Incredible Edible Mytholm management committee member, muses on Barbara Jones’ straw bale building talk.

This doesn’t claim to be a summary of the excellent, informative and inspiring talk given by Barbara Jones of Straw Works at Incredible Edible Mytholm’s Field Day, just some of my own musings based on what I can remember, assisted by a few scribbled notes.
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