Growing Futures

Growing Futures – A cooperative food growing and retail business that’s also an education centre, visitor attraction and eco-hotel.

This is Incredible Edible Mytholm’s vision. Their imagination is free-range, and their feet are on the ground.

Growing Futures will be much more than a great day out in Hebden Bridge. It will also be:

  • an innovative, sustainable food growing business that provides living wage jobs
  • an education and training resource for all ages – from three to 103 – that attracts sustainability students from far and wide
  • a retail market for local food producers
  • an innovative eco hotel, which also has glamping pods and yurts
  • a venue for eco-themed arts and music

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Calderdale Council refuses to register Brown’s Field/Mytholm Works site as community asset

Calderdale Council has refused Incredible Edible Mytholm‘s nomination of the Mytholm Works site as a community asset. However, this has not deterred Incredible Edible Mytholm (IEM) from proceeding with their plans for Growing Futures.

If the nomination had been successful, this would have meant that if/when the owners of the site put it on the market, Calderdale Council would put the sale on hold for six months to allow Incredible Edible Mytholm time to set up a community-owned company, create a business plan and raise capital through a community share offer or similar means.

As it is, IEM will simply go ahead with preparing a business plan, in order to be prepared, should Setbray/Belmont Homes decide to put the site on the market.
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Brown’s Site – Wild at Heart

How does Brown’s Site (the Mytholm Works site) contribute to the wellbeing of the community? Although some people characterise the site as an “eyesore”, many people in Mytholm talk about enjoying the way the field is home to a wide variety of wildlife- from bats, birds, bees and butterflies to deer. They also appreciate it as a green space that serves as a lung to help clear the air pollution created by traffic on Kings Road. Being close to the site provides a sense of wellbeing for the people who enjoy the wildlife and the breathing space.
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Inaugural meeting of Incredible Edible Mytholm, 15th November

On November 15th an enthusiastic meeting of people from Mytholm and other parts of Hebden Bridge and the Upper Calder Valley set up Incredible Edible Mytholm (IEM) as an unincorporated association, with the aim of nominating the Mytholm Works site as a community asset, and elected the IEM steering group and officers.

Anyone who shares this aim and wishes to join Incredible Edible Mytholm is welcome to become a member.

Locality have confirmed that the draft constitution is fit for purpose and have suggested a minor modification to allow people to join the group who aren’t Calderdale residents. This doesn’t alter the fact that the group needs 21 members who are eligible to vote in Calderdale Council elections, in order to qualify as a group that can nominate a community asset.

Hebden Royd Town Council in race to the bottom

Hebden Royd Town Council has voted (9-4 with one abstention) to support the Setbray/Belmont Homes planning application for a supermarket and hotel at the Mytholm Works site on King Street, Hebden Bridge – with the proviso that additional traffic safety measures should be a condition of approval.

In recommending that Calderdale Council’s planning committee approves this planning application, Hebden Royd Town Council has shown its low expectations for new employment in the town. If the development goes ahead, the supermarket and hotel would create mostly unskilled, minimum wage jobs – around 31 full time and 41 part time.
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Incredible Edible Mytholm?

Updated 26th Oct 2013

This page is about a year old now and things have moved on a lot. If you’ve landed here from the link on the Incredible Edible Network website, you might want to jump to Incredible Edible Mytholm’s homepage.

Anyone up for forming a group to nominate Mytholm Works as a community asset?

Here’s some info on how this could work.

Steve Hoyle, the Calderdale Council officer responsible for dealing with the new Community Right to Bid, has emailed that by the end of this week, he should be able to send me the forms to use to nominate a community asset.

And Robin Tuddenham, Calderdale Council’s Director of Communities, has confirmed that although Calderdale Council has not yet decided on its procedure for creating a list or register of community assets, there’s no need to wait for this to happen. It’s ok to submit an expression of interest in nominating a community asset right away, using the nomination forms and guidance that Steve Hoyle aims to send out at the end of this week.
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Posted from Hebden Bridge, England, United Kingdom.

Registering Mytholm Works site as asset of community value

There have been positive responses to the post about developing the Mytholm Works site as a cooperative, intensive urban food production project. Nick Green, the Chair of Incredible Edible Growing Ltd commented,

“Sounds exciting for such a prominent site – community share offer, growing centre with architectural growhouse and an eco hotel and local food outlet.”

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Invitation to Sunday 14th October buffet lunch/discussion of Mytholm Works site development proposals

Friends of Mytholm – a group of local residents concerned at the impact of the proposed development of the former Mytholm Works site in Hebden Bridge – invite local residents, businesses, residents of Mytholm Meadows sheltered accommodation; teachers and parents of children who attend the local primary school to a Buffet Lunch & Discussion upstairs at the Stubbing Wharf pub (wheelchair and pram access from tow path) at 12 noon, Sunday 14th October 2012. Followed by a site visit.
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