Brown’s Field Observation Project Takes Root

Mike from Incredible Farm & Katy and Jenny from Incredible Edible Mytholm (IEM) had a meeting on Brown’s Field/Mytholm Works site earlier this month, to decide on some observation points, rather than relying on a grid as we’d previously thought of doing.

If you’d like to take part in the site observation over the coming year, please get in touch or come to the IEM Members’ and Supporters’ Meeting on Monday 30th September, 7.30pm at the Terrace Room, Hebden Bridge Town Hall, where you can find out more.
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Anyone know what kind of this tree is?

Can anyone tell me what this tree is called (not as in, Ella or Alfred, but its tree name).

In July I wandered round the Mytholm Works site and took several photos of it, so that I could identify its name from my tree book. But I didn’t manage to identify it. It has many trunks, if that’s any help.
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Reject speculative planning application’s retail impact statement!

The former Mytholm Works site is too important to be kicked around in a speculative planning application aimed solely at increasing the site owners’ profits by driving up the value of the land.

This is what Incredible Edible Mytholm has said in its objection to Belmont Homes’ retail impact statement (and its revisions) that estimates the effects a supermarket on King Street would have on local businesses.

Except no supermarket wants to open on King Street. The would-be developer’s retail impact statement confesses that no supermarket is associated with the planning application.
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Browns Field Plants – Offcumdens or Locals?

There’s an amazing list of plants native to the HX7 postcode area on the Natural History Museum site.

Why does it matter whether plants are locals or offcumdens? Aren’t they all one big flora family? Well yes, but research shows that indigenous trees support far more insects than imported ones. Maybe it’s the same with other plants too. That would be interesting to find out.

How many of the HX7 native plants can you find on the Browns Field/Mytholm Works site?
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Browns Field Observation Trial

Playing with a way of mapping biodiversity on Browns Field, using the open source Grab a Grid reference tool.

Any people out there who know about permaculture observation, please tell us if this method (outlined below) is likely to be useful for members of the public to observe and record what grows and lives on the field over the next year or so? You can use the reply box or contact form.
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A supermarket retail impact statement – But no supermarket

The developer’s long-delayed retail impact statement for a proposed supermarket on the Mytholm Works site comes clean about a fact that Incredible Edible Mytholm has all along strongly suspected – that no supermarket is associated with the planning application.

The site owner has had to reveal this, because to carry out the retail impact assessment, they have to say how much trading the proposed supermarket will carry out. But they don’t know, because there is no proposed supermarket.

So, without a supermarket lined up, the developers’ consultants have had to create two scenarios, one for a “Top 5” supermarket, and the other for a “discount” supermarket.

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Retail impact statement for proposed Mytholm Works supermarket now on Calderdale Planning website

The Belmont Homes retail impact statement went up on the Calderdale Council planning website on Friday 12th July. Predictably, the statement claims that the proposed supermarket would not damage the vitality and viability of Hebden Bridge, or the areas of Halifax and Todmorden where the proposed supermarket would draw trade from.

No supermarket intends to set up on the site

Because so far no supermarket wants to be involved in the development, the retail impact statement is based on 2 different scenarios. One is for the impact of a “Top 5” supermarket on Hebden Bridge town centre shops, and the other for a discount supermarket, like Aldi or Lidl. Continue reading

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Q & A with Tony Holdich – the man behind Inspire Bradford Business Park

How do you create a managed workspace?

Incredible Edible Mytholm needs to know, because our plans for Green Food Adventures (formerly Growing Futures) on the Mytholm Works site now include a small managed workspace for agroecology-related, low carbon and sustainable food businesses.

On midsummer day, IEM put our questions to Tony Holdich, former CEO of Newlands Community Association’s Inspire Business Park.
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The Agricultural Wages Board has gone, but a Hebden Royd Councillor fights on for fair farm wages

Hebden Royd Councillor Jonathan Timbers reports on why the Council wants fair farm wages and a proper career structure for farm workers. 

In a post on the Incredible Edible Mytholm blog, there is a photo of Cllr Tony Hodgins and me, looking deadly earnest. It was taken when we were listening to a talk about the abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board (AWB), which at the time the Tory-Lib Dem coalition were proposing in the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill.

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IncredibleEdible Mytholm’s comments on HB Partnership Draft Action Plan – 2020: A better place for all

The IEM Management Committee recently sent Hebden Bridge Partnership its considered collective comments on the Partnership’s Draft Action Plan for the town. The comments are posted below.

Now that the deadline for comments has closed, the Partnership has put a summary of all the responses on its website.

IEM looks forward to attending the Partnership’s 8th July meeting, where the Partnership will review and discuss all the comments it has received on the draft Action Plan. The meeting is open to all members of the public and all HB organisations.

Here are IEM’s comments.
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