Calderdale Council Conservative Group motion will not meet the housing needs of local people.

The full Calderdale Council meeting at 6pm on 20th July will consider a Conservative Group motion on Meeting the housing needs of our local people, that:

“This Council:

Expresses significant concern that the Council’s own targets for building new homes since 2010 have been badly missed. Continue reading

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Calderdale Council cross party group to oversee Brexit action plan

Calderdale Council has prepared an action plan to deal with changes resulting from the EU referendum vote to leave the EU. It will be overseen by a cross-party EU Action Plan group that will meet in public, although the Council hasn’t yet finalised membership or a timetable for meetings.

If members of the public witness or experience any racist or xenophobic backlash, either call the police on 101 (for non-emergencies) or report it to Calderdale Council’s community worker

Here is West Yorkshire Police advice on how to report a hate crime/incident

To report a Hate Crime / Incident:

If you have been the victim of behaviour you felt was inappropriate by a police officer or member of police staff you can report a police complaint.

Impact on “community cohesion”

If there is any local backlash against EU citizens, migrants or ethnic minorities – what Calderdale Council calls “an impact on community cohesion” – the Council said it’s important that it deals swiftly with any signs of tension and that it:

“may need to support non-UK citizens who may be directly affected by an EU exit.”

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Calderdale teachers to strike against huge cuts to local schools budgets and continued academisation plans

The NUT is taking national strike action on Tuesday 5 July over savage cuts to education funding and changes to conditions of service.

Cuts will increase class sizes and reduce range of subjects Continue reading

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Report on People’s Assembly National Meeting 5.12.2015

Calderdale People’s Assembly delegate Carol Machell reports on the People’s Assembly National Conference, held in London on 5 December 2015.

Among many other motions, the People’s Assembly has adopted the NHS Reinstatement Bill motion and will be working to build support for the Bill in time for its second reading in the House of Commons on 11 March 2016. The Bill aims to restore the NHS as a comprehensive, universal health service that is free at the point of need, fully publicly owned and run and that the Secretary of State has a duty to provide. Continue reading

Tax Credit Cuts: Calder Valley MP tells People’s Assembly he agrees with Osborne’s ‘direction of travel’

Calderdale People’s Assembly members and friends braved strong winds and driving rain on Saturday 7th November, to hold a mass lobby of the Calder Valley MP’s open surgery in Elland.

Their demand was for Craig Whittaker to protect low income Calderdale families from cuts to their tax credits. Continue reading

Ahead of George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, can we please start talking about the real economy?

Deborah Harrington, National Health Action Party campaign organiser, guest blogs here on the need for politicians to wise up to the fact that public spending is not a drain on the economy – but a boost to the economy.

Deborah’s blog post reinforces the point that Naveen Judah made, back in March 2014 at the first public meeting in Halifax to save our A&Es, that NHS spending has a “multiplier effect” – so that for every £1 of NHS funding, £1.80 recirculates in the economy. The Body Economic: Why Austerity Kills – a study by Dr David Stuckler and Dr Sanjay Basu – found a bigger multiplier effect for health spending:  investments in health saw multiplier greater than 3 – so each £1 generated up to a £3 return. This is why cutting NHS spending will shrink the economy. We need to keep on demolishing the myth that the NHS is financially unsustainable and that it needs to make £22bn of “efficiency cuts” between now and 2020. Deborah takes a timely swipe at this myth here.

When is Labour going to start talking about the real economy, instead of just tagging along behind George Osborne and his balanced budgets? With the Autumn Statement looming I reckon now would be a good time. Continue reading

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Online-only applications for #Calderdale Council Housing Benefit & Council Tax Reductions – coming soon

People applying for Calderdale Council Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction will soon have to use an online system to claim these benefits. The system will use e-forms and an online verification system.

The Council is planning to have this system up and running in the the next few months, and will provide more information closer to the time.

The current system of applying for Housing Benefit and Council Tax reduction through hard copy claim forms will be eliminated, and replaced by online forms for all new claims for these two benefits. Continue reading

Calderdale people tell Yorkshire MEP to vote against TTIP

Update – The MEPs’ vote on TTIP tomorrow has been cancelled.

The official line from the Parliament is that because more than 200 amendments were tabled the vote should be postponed to enable the Trade Committee to consider the amendments before tabling them for a future plenary session. See more here.
But Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South East England, said:

“The decision to cancel the vote on TTIP stinks of political parties in the European Parliament running scared of the huge public opposition to TTIP.

TTIP represents a monumental power grab by corporations and it must be stopped in its tracks.”

Continue reading

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Depressing Calderdale Council budget meeting approves massive cuts budget – without knowing where cuts will fall

LibDem Councillors last night voted with the Tory group to approve a 3 year Council budget that passes huge Coalition government cuts to local authority funding onto the people of Calderdale.

The new Council Budget is vague about massive cuts it commits to in 2017/18, which include £2.6m cuts to unspecified “discretionary services”, as well as £2.5m cuts to Adults Health and Social Care and Children’s and Young People’s Services, as a result of  “new ways of working”.

“New ways of working” is about turfing staff out of Council employment and getting them to set up as a social enterprise, contracted to deliver Council services on less money.

Discretionary services are those which the Council doesn’t have a statutory duty to provide, but which the public relies on in our day to day lives – such as libraries, winter road gritting and children’s centres. Continue reading

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