Say No to “Austerity” Bollox


The People’s Assembly against Austerity has circulated a short video (4.5 mins) showing some highlights of last Saturday’s demo calling for a general election. The demo was quite widely reported. Even the BBC, which usually ignores anti-austerity protests, covered it,  including an … Continue reading

Calderdale People’s Assembly members march against austerity

Deirdre O’Neill (Calderdale People’s Assembly) and Charlie Gates (Calderdale Green Party) report on the People’s Assembly march against austerity in London last Saturday Members of Calderdale People’s Assembly were among the fifty thousand people who marched in London last weekend … Continue reading

States bailing out toxic banks caused the Eurozone crisis – austerity measures are not a solution

The Transnational Institute pocket guide to the Eurozone Crisis  points out that: “Much of the  so-called debt crisis was caused not by states spending too much, but because they bailed out the banks and speculators. EU government debt had actually fallen from 72% of GDP in 1999 … Continue reading

Wigan Council confirms its £2m “investment” to discontinue Wigan hospitals’ WOS will pay for other cost-cutting changes

A few weeks ago, a Wigan Council press release announced that the Council had made the Wrightington Wigan & Leigh hospital trust a financial offer that had averted the Trust’s transfer of its support staff into a Wholly Owned Subsidiary. Amid … Continue reading

Social prescribing – the good, the bad and the destruction of jobs and the local economy

Social prescribing is part of a process of destroying jobs and the local economy, although  you would never have guessed this at the Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body meeting on Thursday 10th August. The meeting started as usual with … Continue reading

Calderdale Council Conservative Group motion will not meet the housing needs of local people.

The full Calderdale Council meeting at 6pm on 20th July will consider a Conservative Group motion on Meeting the housing needs of our local people, that: “This Council: Expresses significant concern that the Council’s own targets for building new homes … Continue reading